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october 22, 2022


That's the song of the witches! How timely for Fall. It conjures up images of potions, alchemy, Sabrina and the Teenage Witch, her cat Salem and the place.. which I'm not far from. Recently I planned a Salem trip with a girlfriend and we were so bummed to hear on the news that the town was turning people away from visiting because of a lack of parking!! Can you believe it? That's like Cape Saltie being out of bath salts... hey, it can happen! So I'm either going to have to take a weekday off for a raincheck or make it there after the 31st. It would have been fun to share finds I enjoyed from there here but this Friday 5 I'll still keep it festive, spooky, sugary, witchy, etc; Remember (because it's been a while) the Friday 5 is where I share 5 things I'm currently loving.

1. The Starry Eyed Mystic, Astrologer & Intuitive Tarot Reader

Can't make it to Salem? Well, not by choice! Here's an other-worldly, astrological experience you could have - wherever you are. I follow Salem's own @thestarryeyedmystic on Instagram because she offers a compassionate as well as visually compelling way to dive deeper into astrology plus insights to discover more about who you at a core level (What makes you feel loved? What makes you feel cared for?) with an emphasis on exploring your sun, moon and rising signs. Do you know your moon? You can look it up here. I learned I'm a Moon in Capricorn woman. Wow, I identified with so much that I read, felt like reading a diary. I love what Makayla (@starryeyedmystic) has opened for me and hope to get a reading with her before Christmas. She's also a serious meme-maker —love her art & witty captions below.

Hi, I'm Jenna

The blogs you'll find here are inspired by my interests in beauty + wellness which developed from collecting fashion magazines during my newspaper carrying days in elementary school. I later attended Umass Lowell and graduated from FIDM before working for world renowned estheticians and beauty brands like Sonya Dakar, Smashbox, Tarte & Tata Harper. Today I am an e-commerce marketer and Amazon specialist for 3 wonderful companies on Cape Cod and newly licensed LMT still studying for my esthetician's license. I'm a curious, color-obsessed creative.

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  • "Before #2-5, here's a little Lightning Round. A round up of little things that have been sparking joy for me lately. Ok, let's go."

    • Drinking: Turmeric lattes with honey from Snowy Owl.

    • Ordering: Velvet bow hair clips for the Dry Goods section in time for Holiday, I hope!

    • Eating: Pomegranate seeds.. on salads and on yogurt. Yum!

    • Listening to: My Halloween Playlist

    • Grateful for: Shopify! I recently finished a complete site upgrade. What do you think of the new look? New enhancements allow me to start scheduling on-demand appointments for glam, massage, facials and waxing. What would you book first? Please send any feedback you have. If you have been on my site recently, you've probably noticed some broken links and 404 pages. Whenever I would do work on a brand's site, I would have a laundry list, Expo board and system of checks and balances before anything went live. And, this is a bit typical and terrible of me, but when it comes to mine.. I just let her rip and work on things as I go. In the last month alone, traffic has increased by over 400% with new programming. That's exciting but it also means I can't run the site like it's for friends and family only anymore. Actually, this is a milestone. I only personally know one person on my last page of orders. 🥺 That's exciting. Thank you Google! Thank you Day 1s!

2. Apple Hardwood Floors for Fall

In the spirit of a home-y Fall, I am doing what I can to try and ground myself. Something my mom used to do this time of year in our house growing up was clean all the hardwood floors on a crisp Autumn day with an apply-wood wash. Essentially, 1/3 of a cup of Murphy's Oil Soap, 1/3 of a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in a mop bucket filled with warm-hot water. She'd open all the windows to let cool air in and light a Yankee Macintosh Apple Candle. I really loved it, made me feel home. I did it a couple weeks ago, felt so good!


This 1.8 mile loop in Eastham is a nice and easy hike that I say is like 3 unique, mini hikes in one. To start, there's about a half mile walk through the swampy area so wear wellies or duck boots to keep your feet dry. Next is a teeny climb uphill before you are walking along a hilly lookout point with stunning views. And, as wonderful as it to enjoy this part of Cape Cod's National Seashore, you feel like you're somewhere in Ireland on this part and that feels really nice. Finally, take a windy along the newly refinished composite boardwalk surrounded by what is -now- peak foliage. Soak in the warm color. And, remember, this is October so no flies!






OK in Esthetician World, Fall marks the start of the aesthetic peel season as we tend to stay indoor more, lowering the level of UV exposure from the sun. Fall and Winter are optimal seasons to get peel treatments that will help eliminate the appearance of hyperpigmentation to even complexion. I'm more than 2/3 of the way done my evening esthetics hours and I can tell you that peels are my favorite treatment thus far because (tbh, I use really great skincare at home) so I feel if a customer is giving time and money for a professional treatment, she should really see more results than she can get at home with quality skincare. If she can do both, that's great! Not everyone can. One step everyone can incorporate in their weekly routing is exfoliating 2X a week. This inspired me to bring an exfoliating Pumpkin Mask treatment (note: not a peel!!) to Cape Saltie. Once I am licensed we will get more serious with peels, for sure. This mask gently exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme and Glycolic Acid then nourishes your fresh, softer skin with with antioxidants, Vitamins E & C, and luxe fruit oils. It's all about glowy, plumpy skin and being in the Fall moment. And I'm a sucker for it all, Fall: the cozy candles, cold foam, chocolate chip pumpkin bread. It is all so comforting and warming! This mask offers both right in time for Halloween. At $10 for a trial size (3 applications inside) it's a sweet treat.


I don't like to do 2 product mentions in a roundup of 5 but I am going there because I am so over my freaking Capricorn moon with how the NEW Limited Edition ACK Queen of Flowers Solar Sea Salt Bath Soak came out. Like other Cape Saltie soaks, it fuses solar sea salt from 1830 Sea Salt in Chatham (Hello, Paul!) with an aromatic, lovey blend of very specific essential oils that I know are not found in most bath soaks. I am using pure Rose Absolute typically only seen in high end perfumery, also skincare, as well as Natural Strawberry Isolate in this particular blend. Natural Isolates are fascinating, they are essential oil *fractions* derived from plants. The result is getting that sweet and yummy without the fake feel, overpowering eeeh or accompanying headache. The variety I am using is Aftel Certified. Speaking of magic potions and things of the alchemical nature, I knew the very first product I wanted to create under my own umbrella was a bath soak after having tried almost every one from Whole Foods and the natural bodegas during a particularly sucky time (thorn). I was pretty sad and I would soak in the big tub in my loft (rose) after work and think "Well, I wish they'd use ingredients like this or package it like this." Come to think of it, I still don't think my packaging is where I want to be but it's what's inside that I am very proud of with this go around. It's like spun sugar and so beautiful. So unapologetically feminine and sweet. I can't wait to see what customers think. Check out the product page here to see why I think Cleopatra herself would love this one. Xx Jenna