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We believe taking care of your self truly creates a ripple effect. Self care expands far beyond self. We believe life is more complete when you have good people around you to share it with. We are driven to deliver purposeful, positive energy to you so you can share more of your best self with the people you care about. We are here to advance your wellness world with quality services and products that fuse healthy habits, botanical ingredients, and mindfulness with originality, unapologetic femininity and fun. 

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to break new ground in the world of Therapeutic Massage and contemporary cosmetic markets with purpose, continuity and scale. We believe individuals and families can benefit from more massage and holistic products so we work to facilitate more frequent experiences for healing and relaxation with approachable pricing, passionate Massage Therapists and unparalleled convenience driven by on-demand booking and automation technologies. Our company consistently focuses on the variables of quality, originality and product innovation. In this regard, we prioritize ethics and quality above all so we may focus keenly on the work that is truly meaningful — the opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of each individual client.


Our vision for the future is to create the most compelling Hybrid Spa/Cosmetic company in the wellness market.

Our Services & Assortment

With a completely original boutique massage experience + an assortment of our own quality products and curated premier brands, we are creating a destination for discovering the best in contemporary wellness and beauty.

“Everything beautiful we create in life requires a leap of faith." Paul Budnitz


I'm Jenna, a Lowell native who resides on Cape Cod. When I moved to the Cape (several years shy of getting to call myself a New Yorker) people would tell me classic Cape Codders have 2-3 jobs. Well, it's official.. I work as a marketing professional for several Cape based companies and am a Licensed Massage Therapist and soon-to-be Esthetician. Forget LinkedIN.. I can't be boxed in! I love work and am very passionate about my interests. 

Prior to life on Cape, I was a cosmetics industry executive living in Los Angeles and New York. During this time, internal and city stress brought me to the Cape where I discovered how to truly take care of myself for the first time with healthy practices like yoga, taking green micronutrients and probiotics, mediation, massage and aromatherapy. Simultaneously, I was learning about non-synthetic and botanical ingredients at work - though I didn't like the pseudo-science and scare tactics the natural beauty world used to connect with customers. In my reflections, I don't think any action has made more of a positive difference in my life than simply deciding to move here. I truly love the terrain, people, food, spirit, energy and pace of this place. It's my pleasure to give something original back to it (and see that expand far beyond) for all it's done for me.


Jenna Daunais  / Cape Saltie Creator