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february 17, 2023


It's almost March. The Holidays are over and you are officially finished with 600 hours of Spa Tech. Again. What do you do next? A trip to one of my favorite candy stores for cocoa followed by a bright green face mask and my favorite moisturizer — ever. More skincare, of course. I was lucky.. right before my 596th hour, we did our last peel so my skin has been looking great but  I wanted a little TLC on my first night of no classes. Of all the treatments we did in esthetics, I saw peels deliver the most transformative results. I will definitely offer some signature facials but I think I'd like my next endeavor to be getting some hands-on time in a more clincal/medic skincare setting to experience the more serious side of skincare. And when skincare launches on the site, you can expect that approach in the product curation as well. I am going to go into a little more detail with that below and ask you to participate in this week's blog. You guys are always amazing with feedback.. like weighing in on the ceiling inspo this week. I'd love to learn more about your routines and I'll share some of what's shaped my perspective on putting together a solid regimen that includes that best moisturizer ever, which you'll meet very soon. Plus let's say a final adieu Spa Tech. Xo! Here we go.


Technically the mask was TLC but also research. That was part of a loo0o0ng trial to cherry pick some products for the site. I'd say it's a no but I know the moisturizer is 1000% a hell yes! You should know, I feel like a kid in a candy store doing this! And I've been doing this for a very long time that goes back to my college days. I would say I have had much more sophisticated skincare industry experience after my 20s but I'll share more later (so many stories!!) and, for now, I will just tell you a tale of two cities, or rather one, because it was fascinating and I think it gets us communicating on # of steps, which is key. 

OK, story time. I attended a notable design school in Los Angeles. If Gen Z or Gen Alpha are reading, I might sound like the Grandpa recalling days of 10 cent candy bars but I had 3 jobs at the time. 1) Web work. 2)The most sought out celebrity skin clinic in Beverly Hills and 3) a run down C-level department store in Downtown LA. Downtown LA is extremely seedy but at that time (2005) it was only "very seedy" and Beverly Hills was, well, it was Beverly Hills, Darling!! All of Hollywood's leading ladies in music and film came in, it was super cool. I rode the 720 bus to get from one to the other.. and now I am sounding like J-LO but let me have my moment, OK? lol. Part of my job at both locations was to sell skincare to women and men. In Beverly Hills, I needed to line up 20+ recommended products across the counter and give instructions (or orders) from their esthetician. Some of these products were heavenly and some were just flat-out overpriced but, mostly, it was the studios paying for them. In Downtown, it was introducing products that were part of that famous 3-step regimen everyone knows. You know what? I liked a combination of both and I never saw THAT much difference in the skin of those who used the 20-step routine to warrant the $$$$$ price tag. I got to try everything.. like a kid in a candy store! Today I would probably cherry pick a little something from each but having had the experience of studying esthetics and now being acquainted with lines that are without the fluff and more niche-focused on what I want: results, botanical ingredients, purity. I want to know what you want! There is plenty of room here to incorporate that so please let me know by taking my Skincare Survey below. I hope you'll be back for more stories. :)

Hi, I'm Jenna

The blogs you'll find here are inspired by my interests in beauty + wellness which developed from collecting fashion magazines during my newspaper carrying days in elementary school. I later attended Umass Lowell and graduated from FIDM before working for world renowned estheticians and beauty brands like Sonya Dakar, Smashbox, Tarte & Tata Harper. Today I am an e-commerce marketer and Amazon specialist for 3 wonderful companies on Cape Cod and newly licensed LMT still studying for my esthetician's license. I'm a curious, color-obsessed creative.

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  • "Before #2-5, here's a little Lightning Round. A round up of little things that have been sparking joy for me lately. Ok, let's go."

    • Drinking: Hot Chocolates from The Hot Chocolate Sparrow.. ask for two jumbo marshmellows

    • Loving: Our new capesaltie.com boxes. You'll see them soon if you placed an order. As the line evolves, it is fun for all the little details to evolve along with the assortment.

    • Following: @alexis_dunlap .. a sugar enthusiast and self-proclaimed "cookie lady". If I catch you on the gram making fruity pebble brown sugar cookies then I'll know I sent you. Her classic cookies with just a hint of a fun or contemporary twist have me drooling daily!

    • Watching: The Sea Prince & Fire Child, a classic Japanese anime film from the 1980s by Sanrio (makers of Hello Kitty). It is said to be a loose retelling of Romeo and Juliet, but in this story, the gods of fire and water are not at peace. I liked the colors in this underwater animation more than The Little Mermaid. Yes, it’s the palette I’m loving right now — Sea Foam Green & Blush Pink!

    • Obsessed with: How suds-y the Forest Nymphs Vegan Bar Soaps are..Mom agrees! I have been using body wash in the shower forever and now feel like I have been getting scammed without these soft, cushiony bubbles that I get from my bar soaps.

    • Listening to: Evergreen by Ritchy Mitch & The Coal Miners & any podcast I can find with Trish McEvoy, the maker of my favorite beauty item ever: Trish McEvoy #9 perfume.


Bring the spa to you, Darling 🧖🏽‍♀️🥒🥂🦋 Mobile Massage & Bodywork by Cape Saltie Beauty & Dry Goods has officially launched on Cape Cod. Online booking is available now. I hate to sound like the discount furniture guy 🤷‍♀️ but our prices are GREAT and the experience is as close to I can get it from my favorite treatments at a really fabulous spot on the Upper East side. Over 1,000 hours of Massage plus 10 years of memories in wellness & beauty has shaped what’s being offered today. Please share with your friends & family.


Speaking of massage.. I came across this video on social recently and thought the connection it makes between muscles and mental health was worth a share. I come across a lot of mental health conversation on social media and I think that's fantastic because exposure to it can really help people not feel so alone and better understand their feelings. I know I follow a few psychologists online that have given me a completely different mental framework than I had when I was in my teens, twenties and even early 30s. It has also given me some "tools" if I choose to use them when dealing with challenges. It's interesting though because as the conversation around mental health grows, I feel the speed of technology grows tenfold so .. do we ever catch up? I could extoll the virtues of the internet all day long, but it really can overwhelm you with too many messages or, sometimes, the wrong messages. Then there's TikTok. I had to delete it. I am sure I could find lots of people on there who might be interested about what's happening here but I literally feel like I'm inside a slot machine when I'm on it. Anyways, let's get outside and move our bodies .. consider what The Model Health Show can teach us about muscles and our mental health..


While we're on the subject of Mental Health, here is a personal development workbook I came across recently - also on social - that just arrived at my door. I believe it was Mel Robbins who recommended it. I also listened to a great podcast she had on healthy habits and the importance of an evening (first!!) and then morning routine. I bought the workbook as a stepping stone to form some more fruitful daily habits. Something she recommends is layering on top of good habits you already have in place. For example: let's say you already have the good habit of leaving your phone out of the bedroom. A good habit to layer on that could be to make a short list on it of your top 5 priorities for the next day. Oh my gosh, could I sustain something like that? It sounds SO simple but all it feels like I can handle (after the mad dash of the last year) is to sip a cocoa before bed. Haha! Hence why I need a kickstarter workbook..


Is this too much woo-woo self-care talk? Well, that's what I'm really getting into. In a sense, it's a non-negotiable. Something I learned very early on in this endeavor is you cannot give what you don't have. If I don't have rest & relaxation or personal peace, I cannot give that to others. That's something I want to give to others — at scale! And at a reasonable rate!! I've committed to it so I have to be sure my energy is positive and I am creating space (in more ways than one) for others to have a positive experience. I am going to need physical space too and, while I may be early looking for it, I will know it when I see it because I am mentally preparing for it. We become what we think about most of the time. This is why thinking it so vital and goals are so important. You can see some of my exploring here and more on my Pinterest board. Maybe if we're all dreaming then it will come sooner rather than later? Xx Jenna