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JANUARY 2, 2022


Happy (Belated) Friday - and Happy 2023! I'm going to do a reverse countdown starting -most recently- with New Year's because I have been MIA/already-in-hibernation-mode since my last parcel went out. This Holiday was a full-on SPRINT.. I kept referring to myself as a "fkng Who" because of the ridiculousness of my coming and goings with boxes, bags and more piled way over my head as I am rushing out the door. Look, I am even rhyming like one. To be honest, I probably properly overloaded myself this Christmas with everything I have going on and taking on more for the site but I couldn't help it, I really felt inspired with what was brought on and it resonated! This Holiday was bigger than previous years. Who would have thunk it — pure fir needle powder and essential oil candles that smell like Christmas trees would be a Holiday hit? A Gingerbread Man Oil Essential Diffuser Blend that almost everyone can use for the home too? Say no more! This Holiday has changed how I look at my assortment. Yes, I still want to develop products that are totally original but sometimes it can also really work to just give people what they want and deliver it in an exceptional way. Keep it simple, stupid (or KISS) is a principle which states that designs and/or systems should be as simple as possible. I used to work with a talented saleswoman, Donna, who would say that. I am going to bring that into the New Year but it's not my resolution, which I will share below! 


A Polar Plunge on the very first of the year? Yes! This was a first for me and I also just remembered that it was my idea. My whole family got on board. When we realized the one I shared with the group didn't have all the extras (massive crowd + energy that comes with it, person in polar bear costume, hot cocoa setup), we scooted for the Smuggler's Beach Plunge in Yarmouth. It was awesome! Now we know for next year but, to be honest, I don't know if I will be able to do it then. This first day of 2023 was so unusually warm it made jumping in the ocean in January ... refreshing! But I like the idea of a ritual - any ritual - to set new intentions into motion. My intention for the New Year (like changing the course of action for the plunge) is just to go where the energy is good. And to be more conscientious of the energy I bring to my interactions. This gets challenging when the bags, boxes + more are piled high when you're rushing out the door (Who-ville lifestyle) but, with mindfulness, I am also going to start saying "No" more and scheduling days for relaxation. That reminds me, I still need to get myself a good planner! My sister normally gets me one but this year she got me one of my favorite gifts (this Bean Pile Fleece I wore to Plunge) because she saw it here. Haha! You guys, it is s0o0o comfy!! I feel like Elsa in it..

Hi, I'm Jenna

The blogs you'll find here are inspired by my interests in beauty + wellness which developed from collecting fashion magazines during my newspaper carrying days in elementary school. I later attended Umass Lowell and graduated from FIDM before working for world renowned estheticians and beauty brands like Sonya Dakar, Smashbox, Tarte & Tata Harper. Today I am an e-commerce marketer and Amazon specialist for 3 wonderful companies on Cape Cod and newly licensed LMT still studying for my esthetician's license. I'm a curious, color-obsessed creative.

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Speaking of something simple that everyone needs delivered in an exceptional way — these Sam Edelman "Gretchen" boots are practical and cute. They are the boots I am walking into the New Year with and have been wearing them around since the day they were delivered. Are they durable hiking boots you can stomp around in muck and slush? No! Are they cute, snuggly and perfect for running errands and wearing to work? I think so! My guilty pleasure @turtlecreeklane linked them and they spoke to me. Speaking of Who-ville... check out this woman's embellished, bedazzled and over-the-top Holiday spectaculars. Wow! One thing I really like about her content is the daily prompt to think about something you are grateful for. I'd like to do more of that in the New Year because I find life to be a bit sunnier when I do. I got the Ivory boots but am also posting the Caramel because I might get those to match my new velvet leggings. Winter uniform!


My friend and I recently visited Groundswell Cafe in Tiverton Rhode Island. Wait, wait! Before I mention lunch, I need to shout out the best, iced dirty chai tea latte I have ever had from Uncle Jon's Java House in Mattapoisett first. Yum! After Uncle Jon's we were on our way to RI. Back to Groundswell.. it's also a Bakery, Garden + Home Shop so that was perfect for Holiday shopping for gourmet items and quality kitchenware. I was surprised to see so many specialty items I recognized from destination places (like an exquisite cafe on the Upper East side or my favorite tea shoppe in Paris) all under one charming roof. I definitely want to go back again.


Recently I tried Cape Cod's new sauna bar in Dennis Port as part of a gift experience. Blue Bodhi is equipped with sunlighten infrared sauna equipment that you can customize to focus your session on individual concerns like weight loss, muscle recovery, pain relief, weight management or relaxation. My Cape Saltie theme for winter is Relaxation & Results so this was a great way to kickstart the mindset. My goal is to schedule at-least one self care treatment or session a month because, even outside of physiological reasons to do it, it fosters a mentality that says 'I'm a person who takes care of myself' and that sets the tone for a lot of other things. 


It was the year of the Gingerbread Man and that's the cookie that was #1 in my book at Ring Bros' Cookie Bakeoff. On the same weekend that we made our family Christmas Cookies (my favorite tradition), we also stopped by the contest at Ring. Me and my Mom sampled over 13 cookies and participated in the judging for the best home Christmas cookie baker on Cape Cod. They even had a little milk bar with non-dairy options. Cute!! Ring does such a nice job all around, it's my favorite place to shop for groceries. When it came to taste and looks, we gave it to the Gingerbread Man. We're still not sure if we'll enter next year even though we're confident we'd win (haha).. it just seems like a lot to prepare cookies for over 100 strangers and that's something we do specially for our nearest and dearest each year. Xx Jenna