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october 28, 2022


This is Halloween, this is Halloween - but also the cusp of Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. I tend to think of Memento Mori when I see skulls surfacing  everywhere because they're popular symbols of both. And, while all three Holidays share aspects of ascetic discipline, each has its own meaning (or "spirit" for the purpose of theme articulation) geographic origin as well as calendar day. Halloween, 10/31, originated with a Celtic festival, when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. Dia De Los Muertos, 11/1-11/2, is a colorful Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink and celebration. Memento Mori, January 3, which literally translates to “Remember You Will Die” is one of the few days where life is celebrated through looming death. All three have inspired art and collectibles. I think it's no surprise here that I really enjoy the Holidays and Halloween is my second favorite but, as it relates to the darker side, I prefer Memento Mori! For one, I just like saying it! It sounds like a piece of jewelry, which it was for me. My very first job after school was being the Executive Assistant (yes, I capitalized that shit!!) to a bright, pink-haired, American jewelry designer based in Downtown Los Angeles. Her pieces were justifiably expen$ive.. totally original and handmade in the USA with Lucite or Swarovski crystals.. sometimes in conjunction with a major licensing deal like Barbie or Hello Kitty. Some of my favorite pieces by her were part of her Memento Mori collection which featured crystals, skulls, pearls and cameos. The office was a massive sun filled loft with containers - sometimes filled to the ceiling- with gorgeous materials resembling candies in every color of the rainbow. I even enjoyed sweeping the spillover on the floor. Job was demanding but I treasure the experience. She showed me how to use color because she loved it too. She taught me about the importance and scarcity of original thought. She inspired me to want to collect art for my home someday. And she introduced me to the Memento Mori aesthetic through sparkling collections that I always think about around Halloween. Friday's 5 shares that theme with the 5 things I am loving right now.


OK I vehemently believe that sugar is the devil but also -remember- we're all going to die anyways so I don't deny myself in earthly delights and indulge a little this time of year.. starting with the Halloween candy. I cannot say no to a dark chocolate dipped peep ghost from The Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans or even the classic candy corn. Here's roundup of other treats I found. I especially love the DIY Sour Gummy Worm Ice Cubes from Momtastic for kids. 

Hi, I'm Jenna

The blogs you'll find here are inspired by my interests in beauty + wellness which developed from collecting fashion magazines during my newspaper carrying days in elementary school. I later attended Umass Lowell and graduated from FIDM before working for world renowned estheticians and beauty brands like Sonya Dakar, Smashbox, Tarte & Tata Harper. Today I am an e-commerce marketer and Amazon specialist for 3 wonderful companies on Cape Cod and newly licensed LMT still studying for my esthetician's license. I'm a curious, color-obsessed creative.

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  • "Before #2-5, here's a little Lightning Round. A round up of little things that have been sparking joy for me lately. Ok, let's go."

    • Loving: The little Dia De Los Muertos chihuahua I saw at Stop N' Shop.. going back tomorrow morning to get it. Happy Halloween to me!

    • Wanting: A bag of Pumpkin Snickerdoodle cookies. Kicking myself for not getting them at Love, Live, Local Fest because I was trying to avoid sugar.

    • Watching: .. and enjoying Elon Musk's splashy initial visit to Twitter after the acquisition with sink in hands. In just the last 3 years, there has been an an overabundance of excessive censorship so it's nice to see the pendulum take a reasonable swing back.

    • Listening to: Everybody's Gotta Live - Arthur Lee. This song reminds me of the weekend I got Eddie. It played at a party I went to the night before I impulsively got him. 😬I'll always be so happy my MO was to live a little that weekend in more ways than one.


I still have an affinity for cameos from working around them that first job out of school. This past summer Cape Saltie introduced 3 cameo keychains to the website and it was one of the most immediate buys I have experienced. People loved them right away - esp the Cape Saltie Mermaid, which is now available in 3 more shades. The Tortoiseshell Rose is actually my favorite but I'm happily sold out. Woohoo! Rose will be back in stock in mid-Nov which is perfect because they'll make great stocking stuffers.


This week at Spa Tech was a lot of fun! We learned how to do special effects makeup (things like an open gash and fake blood, scars, burns) and also used one of our clinic sessions doing Halloweel Glam on a partner. I wanted to do a sugar skull moment like the video below but after running way over time doing my partner's makeup, I was left with little time to do something more out of the box so we settled on your run of the mill, basic bitch black cat. Check out my Halloween in Girl World look below. Haha!


"Inspired by the earth and sea" (like me), Eldridge Ceramics is hand built pottery on Cape Cod with a good dose of imagination. I discovered Amy Eldridge's work in person this year at the Love, Live, Local Fest and got my first couple pieces. I definitely want to be a collector as I think her work would mix well with the jade milk glass and a couple oceanic, cerulean blue bowls I already have in my kitchen. I'm using the floral pieces I got for skincare - of course. This week I scooped a hearty dollop of the Hydrating & Soothing Pumpkin Glow Crème Enzyme Mask on one to mask with a friend. I am loving this pottery and loving my mask too.


Yesterday I went to a Pyschic Faire at Masjah Studios on Cape to partake in session offerings like Energy Healing, Reiki, Biocharger Healing, Mind/Body Assessment, Intuitive Healing and more. I feel very Brewster granola saying this but it's my spot for these modalities. I have also gone here for sound baths and energy work, loved it! OK, what to say? Well, I started to write about it but wanted more time to process. Before bed, I thought "Well that event answered some challenging questions I have " but - to be correct - it gave me a time and environment to articulate questions in an intentional surrounding. The Biocharger Machine was my little Frankenstein Halloweekend moment. Biocharger is a Cape Cod company that has engineered a Biohacking health optimization platform that uses uses four naturally occurring energies – Light, Voltage, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMFs), and Frequencies and Harmonics to promote better energy, recovery, performance focus, sleep and flexibility. I met Jim Girard who introduced the concept in 1993. I asked him what got him into this energy field (dumb pun intended).. he said he was inspired by the work of Tesla not TESLA from an early age in life and worked under one of his protégées, Dr. Orville Fitz. I would definitely do a session again and would be curious to see what kind of benefits I would experience after doing the recommended 2-3 sessions per week. This was a wonderful way to wrap up the weekend and feel in the spirit since I will be in an online esthetics classes all Halloween night. I hope if you have plans for the evening you are having fun while staying safe and just living life!! You deserve it. Xx Jenna