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NOVEMBER 19, 2021


Happy Friday. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do a Friday 5 so soon after the Halloween edition but November is keeping me busy, inspired and - of course- grateful. I like recording this 5 because it makes me pause and appreciate what's on the list a little more... yea.. like a gratitude journal will. One thing I am grateful for this year is some of my recent experiences with food. I love food.. wouldn't consider myself a full-fledged "foodie" but my palette has been shaped by a unique mix of experiences on Cape as well as other places I have lived and spent time. Vermont, for example, gave me an appreciation for artisan foods and truly fresh produce. Aside from getting to namedrop and say that I ate at the very first Pinkberry in 2005 (lol), LA gave me an introduction to trendy diets - or - let's call it "concept eating". Actually, my favorite restaurant was a Japanese Macrobiotic Gluten-Free Vegan spot. Say that 3x fast. And, supposedly, Manhattan had the best of everything. I'll personally vouch for the chocolate chip cookie which appears in my gift guide below. This year, on Cape, my taste buds have been more exposed to foods straight from the source. Family raised chickens and cranberries from a bog right down the street, that sort of thing. It's definitely my boyfriend's thing so I'm grateful to him for that because we've been eating some incredible food and I'll start the 5 by sharing one of the dishes I have doctored up with ingredients he's foraged for.

1. The World's Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Cranberry sauce is my favorite side. No, if I'm being honest.. I don't have a favorite. I love a bite of each combined together on my fork. Yea, I like when the sides mix!! What about you? My mom likes to keep everything separate, I like it all blended together. Well, this cranberry sauce has alllll the right stuff to taste good alone and really bring out the best in the other sides. Plus, I feel qualified to share it with you because I live on Cape which once accounted for 30 percent of the cranberry industry crop! My recipe doesn't require local berries so pick up some fresh (or frozen) cranberries and give it a try. Read the full recipe here or watch the highlight video below.

Hi, I'm Jenna

The blogs you'll find here are inspired by my interests in beauty + wellness which developed from collecting fashion magazines during my newspaper carrying days in elementary school. I later attended Umass Lowell and graduated from FIDM before working for world renowned estheticians and beauty brands like Sonya Dakar, Smashbox, Tarte & Tata Harper. Today I am an e-commerce marketer and Amazon specialist for 3 wonderful companies on Cape Cod and newly licensed LMT still studying for my esthetician's license. I'm a curious, color-obsessed creative.

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  • "Before #2-5, here's a little Lightning Round. A round up of little things that have been sparking joy for me lately. Ok, let's go."

    • Watching: Season 1 of Ozark and The Short Game . Rightly so, Short Game came up in Netflix's feel-good category. It's a documentary about fiercely competitive golfers, all determined to become world champions. And..they're all still in grade school! Imagine being a world champion at seven years old? Imagine your greatest love in life turning into your career and being paid a sh*t ton of money for it? What would that be for you? Short Game makes you wonder and happy for people doing it — living out their dreams, that is. In my experiences, I have worked jobs and had times where I felt I was making strides in a career. I'm grateful for both. One more Netflix pick, Fantastic Fungi! Oh, wow!

    • Drinking: Cold brew coffee with a pump of peppermint and cream from Lighthouse Keeper's Pantry in Yarmouth Port. This is my new weekend coffee shop.

    • Eating: Clio Bars for breakfast-on-the-go. It's like yogurt in cheesecake texture wrapped in chocolate. I like the "Less Sugar" option.

    • Ordering: This olive oil dispenser from Etsyfor Holiday gifting. I got this one in green for a Birthday gift and absolutely love it. Such a pretty piece for the counter!

    • Eating: Egglplant parm at Gina's by the Sea to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Best eggplant parm ... ever.

    • Following: Most recently? @thetoxnyc @tracyanderson @abmpmassage

    • Obsessed with: The idea of having a physical space on Cape someday. Check out my Pinterest board for it here.

2. Lighthouse Keeper's Pantry

We were just saying Yarmouth Port needs a coffee shop then, lo and behold, Lighthouse Keeper's Pantry opens its doors. I have never felt so compelled to write a 5 star review for a coffee spot but, already, I love the place so much. First, the cold brew is delicious and I appreciate that they use loyalty cards to reward regulars. Inside is warm, charming and nautically decorated. There is cozy seating but I have to imagine that won't be the case during a busy summer though there seems to be room to expand. Plenty of parking. Friendly staff. Last, the strata is exceptional and the serving size is generous. All week I look forward to weekend mornings here.

Lighthouse Keeper's Pantry Yarmouth Port

3. Holiday Wrapping Paper..

It's one of my favorite Holiday details. This year I knew exactly what I wanted - searched toile - and immediately found this 12 Days of Christmas wrap from The Illustrated Life on Etsy. Perfect! Seriously perfect for what I want to do with it. Now I just need to pair it with the right colored ribbon.

 12 Days of Christmas wrap from The Illustrated Life on Etsy

4. The Very Best Under $50-ish Universal Gifts

I used to love putting guides together at work and found the $50-ish & under list was the sweet spot. Everything is SO expensive these days.. I doubt it's ideas that people need to pull off a sweet surprise but if you're looking for suggestions... allow me to share some of my picks. Here are some quality items I feel I could give to almost anyone and not go wrong.


This post has almost been a complete homage to small business, at least I tried with a focus on Etsy links. You'll notice I also included an Amazon link.. I'll want to get into that later because I'm passionate about how small businesses can utilize Amazon's gargantuan infrastructure. But, for now, I am looking forward to this upcoming Small Business Saturday and Christmas preparation in the weekends ahead which will include a day or two of shopping locally on Cape and, of course, caffeinating at my new favorite coffee shop before. I feel grateful for the people in my life I get to enjoy all of the above with and the opportunity to reach people here. I hope people who give or get Cape Saltie this Holiday will receive some relaxation and happiness from it!

Have a wonderful, colorful Thanksgiving and thanks for reading! Xx Jenna